Roav Dash Cam C2 Review

SuperCar Guru once again brings you a fresh new review of another dashboard camera. The previous dashcam that we reviewed was somehow too expensive for quite some of our audience and we can understand it. But this time, we are back with another dashcam review that everyone can afford.

Every product or service in this world is unique in its own way. Some are more expensive with much more features and they are targeted to a wealthier audience while some are rather affordable with all the features that the general audience will most probably need or use on a daily basis. According to your need and liking, you choose the one that fits you. This review is targeted to the general audience who wants a cheap and good dashcam at the same time.

A dashcam is a must to have in any vehicle nowadays. It is not yet compulsory by the law but it is very recommended. A dashcam can help you in various ways. One of the biggest advantages is that you have peace of mind whenever you left your car. Should anything happen to it, you will be able to know exactly how and who crashed into your car.

In this article, we will be talking about the Roav Dash Cam C2. This is one of Anker's high-performance car drive recorder and at first sight, we can say that they did an amazing job with it. There are two versions, the C2 and the C2 Pro, but we will be reviewing the C2. The C2 Pro is basically the C2 with some additional features.

The Roav Dash Cam C2 was released back in December 2017. Since then, it has been getting awesome feedback from everyone. It is practical, cool, cheap and captures your scenario in HD, what else could you want. Easily, we can say that the C2 beats every other dashcams in the same price range.

Cheap and good dashcam 2018

So what makes the Roav Dash Cam C2 so cool?

The C2 is loaded with features that you would want in a dashcam. Let's take a look at what you get when buying a Roav Dash Cam C2.

Here is a list of everything that is inside the box:
  • 1 Roav Dash Cam C2
  • Trim Removal Tool
  • 2-Port USB Car Charger
  • 3M Sticker Mounts and Suctions
  • User Manual
  • Happy Card
For the dashcam to function, an SD card is needed. The recommended cards are the 32GB Samsung or SanDisk class 10 SD card. 

The C2 comes with a one year warranty, so you do not have to worry if anything goes wrong with the dashcam. You also get friendly customer support to help you with any issue or question you might have with the product.

As for the installation, it is quite simple. The user manual is straightforward on it and you can also get help from YouTube. A lot of people have posted videos of themselves installing the dashcam.

Now that we know what is inside the box, it is time to go on a tour to discover the features of the Roav Dash Cam C2.

Rich and Clear Video

The video recording of the C2 is very impressive. It is crystal clear and it is very easy to identify things even from a bit far. Equipped with Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor and Ambarella A12 chipset, the C2 can record in 1080p detail.

See the Whole World

Another amazing feature of the C2 is the wide-angle view that you get. It can capture four lanes of traffic and more than just the car in front. You are sure that you will never miss any scenario on your way whether it is from the fourth lane or it is the after the car in front of you. In case of an accident, you also get a better overview of how it all happened. Isn't that amazing?

Total Night Vision

This has to be among our favourite features of the Roav Dash Cam C2. Many of us know the struggle of trying to understand what is happening in the recording of our dashcams at night. If the video is not completely black, there will be red lights also, most probably. And if someone has hit with your car and ran away, well, forget that you will be able to track their license plate.

But Anker has thought about it and guess what? The C2 has a NightHawk technology and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) video system that capture balanced footage every time. Now, you can easily record license plate at night or during the day.

Try to hit my car and run away again, I'll see you in court!

Equipped with G-Sensor

The Roav Dash Cam C2 comes equipped with G-Sensor, which means that whenever an incident is happening to your car, the dashcam will automatically start recording. Even if your car is in parking mode, it will start recording in case someone is about to hit your car.

Extreme Temperature Resistance

Another brilliant feature of the Roav Dash Cam C2 that is worth highlighting is its extreme temperature resistance. Often, our dashcam switches off on itself and leave us without footage due to cold or hot weather. But not the C2 as it has a steel frame that disseminates heat away from the internal circuits. Thanks to it, the C2 can operate in temperature from -4°F to 158°F. Pretty crazy, right?

Best Dashcam 2018

Our Honest Thought After Using It

The first thing that we noticed when installing the Roav Dash Cam C2 in the car, was that it was very easy to install and it does not look like an aftermarket piece in the car. It fits in any car perfectly. We drove the car around for one day and one night to see how it performs and the results were amazing. It is quite hot currently in our city and this dashcam did not even turn off once during the whole testing time.

The video quality is on another level. The footage was crystal clear and we can hardly believe that it is from a dashcam and not a good smartphone. Even in the corners, the quality was impeccable. License plate is easily recognisable even from a distance and it really gets all four lanes. It has everything you expect a dashcam would have. 

We found only two drawbacks of the Roav Dash Cam C2. First, it does not have a WiFi system, how cool it would be if there would be WiFi in it. Second, it is only a front dashcam. It would be better if it would be a dual channel dash cam, like this, we would have peace of mind with the whole car.

However, the Roav Dash Cam C2 is a good dashcam and considering its price, it has to be a bargain. After testing it, we would happily recommend the C2 to anyone looking for a dashcam. It is good, records in HD, has a lot of useful features and above all, it is affordable. Who would not want such an offer like that?

We also tried getting the opinions of those who bought the Roav Dash Cam C2 and here are what they have to say:
 I first ordered a Rexing but sent it back after it wouldn't set up properly or format my SD card. A friend suggested the Roav and I bought my first Roav C2 a few weeks ago. Setup was incredibly easy, 2 weeks after I installed it in my wife's Mini a young woman backed into me in a parking lot. What looked like it could be buffed out resulted in $750 in repairs. My agent said that without the video, they probably would have attributed it to both drivers, but her company acknowledged full liability. So this camera saved me increased rates, plus a $250 deductible. I immediately went out and purchased this one for my truck! It's small, discrete, and the picture is great as you can see from the video - 5 STARS
Update 5 months later:I have been using this dashcam daily as I am a commuter. Its quality is decent but it works and doesn't break the budget! Customer service is the best I have seen and don't hesitate to message them for anything wrong. Additionally this cam has survived repeated abuse from my sound system and still is fully functioning and records at the same quality. YouTube causes compression in the video but the raw files are pretty damn good for this price range. The night time it sort of struggles but it still is usable.Tldr: great cheap cam that is worth the purchase. + Survives bass that my rear view mirror could not!!The Good:Amazing support that will help you with any problems you come across or reimburse you for your troubles.Awesome suction cup mount that is easy to setup or take down hassle freeWide angle lens that sees from one and a half lanes to your left and right.In the box you get a plastic "Crowbar," long usb to right angle micro usb cable, dash cam, and a dual usb IQ charger, so you could use this cam and charge your phone at the same timeTactile buttons! These are great for using the emergency recording while driving or when your watching some footage on the screen which is also a nice feature - as it is pretty big and great for seeing a lower resolution version of the recordingsHas a generous amount of options for changing the vertical or horizontal angles the cam rests at
The Bad:The SD-card slot could give you issues but only minor ones, as all you have to do is make sure you insert the golden contact on the side with the screenHard to hide as this is a semi-large sized cam.Camera can make a vibrating sound sometimes but simply moving it a little fixes itCould be hard to get the camera in the mount at first but eventually it becomes easier
Video Specifications:1080p at 30fps / 720p at 30 or 60fps
What SD-card I used: case I used: Overall: A great budget cam with high resistance to temperatures, and easy to use tactile buttons. - 5 STARS
This thing is amazing. I think this is the first dash cam I have come across with a parking sensor and stays on, on its own battery. No need to hardwire anything to the battery like other dashcams. Granted it's more rudimentary, but it does actually work!!! One day I was moving in the car with it off and the camera detected and recorded it!!!!! Also, it is very compact, light and stylish. I am encouraged by the heat claims, but I have read other reviews contesting that claim and I live in scorching Arizona during the summer. The only thing I wish it had was a docking station in the suction cup so I could easily take it out on the days I have to park it under the sun in the summer. Luckily I have indoor parking at home and at work so it's not an issue and at the very least, it's nice to know that they at least did focus on heat resistance in case I do have to leave it in the heat. Aside from all of that, this camera is beautiful!!!! The dark grey light black brushed aluminium body makes this camera look like an actual point and click reminiscent of Sony cameras. Just love this thing, and at an affordable price!!! - 5 STARS 
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The Roav Dash Cam C2 is a good and affordable dashcam for your vehicle. It will give you peace of mind without breaking the bank, which is how everything needs to be. If you are interested in getting one, you can order by clicking on this link.

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