About Us

Hi, I'm a young entrepreneur and an aspiring blogger set on a mission to discover himself on this beautiful journey called life.

It all started when I was about 5 years old. I saw a picture of a Lamborghini for the first time ever. Since then, my love for cars only kept growing and growing till today, when I decided to write my own blog about supercars. I think that if it inspires you, it's worth fighting for, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

Here, on Supercar Guru, I will write about mostly about supercars review as well as other supercar related topics. Each week, I upload a new blog. If you are interested in buying a supercar or you are as passionate as me in knowing more about supercars, then SuperCar Guru is the place to be for you.

SuperCar Guru is where car enthusiast or car buyer can find every single details about supercars and also things related to supercars. Our goal is to give complete details concerning supercars. A lot of website have partial details about a specific car and we all know how annoying this is. Here, we make sure that when we write about a certain topic, we explain it to the fullest and in a comprehensive way.

Subscribe to our newsletter to get exclusive news about the latest and hottest supercars on the market and to be the first one to know when we upload a new piece of content. Also, if you have any questions, suggestions, tips or recommendations, feel free to contact me either through the contact form or simply write me an email (info@supercarguru.com). I try my best to reply to everyone.

Sit back and enjoy!

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