The McLaren ‘Longtail’ lineage personifies the brand’s identity at its bravest, purest, and most extreme.

The newest, and certainly more than worthy, member of the McLaren ‘Longtail’ (or LT) family is the gripping McLaren 600LT.

Extreme weight reduction, flame spitting top-exit exhausts, and immaculate steering – the McLaren 600LT is deserved of the LT label, as brave and as bold as a track-focused, road-legal car can be. 

In over two decades of ‘Longtail’ existence, seldom has McLaren labelled its cars with the historic and prestigious LT tag. The 2018 McLaren 600LT is only the fourth car to sport the name and it 
encapsulates the expected performance-driven ethos of its predecessors.

All LT models are raw, thrilling and absolutely ground-breaking. Their shared focus consists of optimised aerodynamics, reduced weight, increased power and a track-centred connection with the driver.

The 600LT is no different, pushing engineering and design possibilities to their limits in order to provide an invigorating, intoxicating driving experience.

Heritage: The 'Longtail' Bloodline

The story began with the McLaren F1, which was ironically never designed with the intention of track racing. However, something quite spectacular happened when it did eventually take to the track. 

The McLaren F1 GTR dominated and won the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995, with McLaren becoming the only manufacturer to win it at the first attempt. The F1 GTR then evolved into the iconic ‘Longtail’, which came about two years later.

From there, the ‘Longtail’ family continued to grow with the stunning achievements that are the McLaren 675LT Coupé and McLaren 675LT Spider in 2015-16.

Next up is the new McLaren 600LT – a real head-turner that has all the makings of a true ‘Longtail’.

McLaren 600LT Specs 

The 600LT maintains the agility and dynamism of McLaren’s Sports Series but has been injected with the spine-tingling, adrenaline-pumping nature of the ‘Longtail’.

McLaren have crafted the 600LT in carbon fibre, using extreme weight-saving measures – including the carbon fibre MonoCell II Chassis – to achieve a weight reduction of 96kg.

The bodywork is stiffer yet lighter, more aerodynamic and generates an incredible amount of downforce due to its many minute details.

Thanks to its twin-turbo V8 engine – which has a capacity of 3,799cc – the 600LT is the most powerful McLaren Sports Series vehicle ever, generating 592bhp and 620nm of torque.

The chassis is so sharp that you are able to dissect corners on your way in as if in slow motion, aided by the controlled and accurate steering that provides super clear feedback. 

McLaren 600LT Stats and Figures
  • -          Top speed of 204mph
  • -          0-62mph in 2.9 seconds
  • -          0-124mph in 8.2 seconds
  • -          Lightweight for a supercar at a mere 2,749lbs (1,247kg)
  • -          Low priced for what it offers, starting at $240,000 (£185,500) when it was released

The McLaren 600LT Vs. The 675LT

The 600LT is no match for the 675LT in a straight line; however it does generally have the edge on the track due to its superior cornering speeds.

Priced at almost $330,000, the 675LT is relatively expensive for a supercar, whereas the 600LT starts at a far lower $240,000 for those who are fortunate enough to afford it. 

The McLaren 600LT Vs Ferrari 488 Pista and Ferrari 488 GTB

The 600LT’s value for money is demonstrated here once again, matching the $316,300 Ferrari488 Pista with a 0-62mph time of 2.9 seconds, despite not being direct rivals.

McLaren’s 600LT has a quicker 0-62mph and 0-124mph time than the more directly comparable (yet still more expensive) earlier model, the Ferrari 488 GTB. 

The McLaren 600LT Vs. The Porsche 911 GT2 RS 

The 600LT has a better 0-124mph time than the Porsche911 GT2 RS, measuring times of 8.2 and 8.3 seconds respectively.

To be able to compete with and match some of these great hypercars is impressive, but the numbers were not necessarily at the forefront of the engineers’ minds when sculpting the 600LT.

They wanted to create the most engaging driving experience possible, and they did just that. There aren’t many, if any, supercars that provide the same unforgettable exhilaration as the 600LT.

Just to add to the excitement, this limited-edition model is expected to be succeeded by a Spider version in 2019, just as its older sibling, the 675LT, was.

Design and Aerodynamics 

The 600LT’s designers set out to lay a benchmark for sports cars and have done so emphatically.

Everything about the car has been included to prompt the most stimulating experience possible, including its extraordinary top-exit exhaust and its long, wide and low physical appearance.

The designers found inspiration in the 675LT and the original ‘Longtail’, building the 600LT with full intention of using it on the road and track. Though comfortable on the road, the track is where it comes to life.

The 600LT's Flame-Spitting Top-Exit Exhausts

Having a dominant presence and demonstrating a real sense of the wow-factor is what sets apart great supercars from good supercars. The McLaren 600LT is absolutely a great supercar.

Its most eye-catching and unique feature is the mesmerising top-exit exhaust system, which illustrates the bravery of McLaren to break boundaries with this new addition to the Sports Series. 

Staying true to their ‘form follows function’ mantra: the exhausts reduce the 600LT’s weight significantly, improve engine responses and provide better powertrain cooling. The exhausts also practically breathe down the neck of the driver, amplifying the roar inside the car.

Despite providing many practical benefits for the 600LT, the exhaust system’s most memorable characteristic is that it shoots flames upwards from the car – which looks seriously cool. The party trick is definitely worth a watch; you’d be missing out if you didn’t!

The exhausts perfectly encapsulate the need for exhilaration, demonstrating the extreme measures that McLaren have taken to offer the best driver experience possible.

The 600LT is certainly a showman as well as a finely tuned, well-balanced whippet on the track.


McLaren have a knack for making great track-focused road cars with pioneering aerodynamic features, and the 600LT is no exception.

Some of the features that aid its aerodynamics are:
  • -          A new front splitter and side splitter
  • -          An extended rear diffuser
  • -          A fixed rear wing
  • -          Carbon fibre flooring with integrated break ducts

These features consequently make for increased downforce, with over 220lbs being produced at 155mph.

The 600LT is long (as you’d expect from a ‘Longtail’), wide and low, improving its control under pressure, agility at low speeds and stability at higher speeds. 

The longer rear of the car also enables the new fixed rear-wing to be pushed back further, once again maximising the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle. McLaren really left no stone unturned with this one.

Its appearance is somewhat aggressive due to its dimensions, but is arguably easier on the eye than the McLaren Senna – which is purposely built for track performance.

A large portion of the 600LT’s features improve the aerodynamics, including the Carbon Fibre Aero Winglets that are located behind the front wheels, cooperating with the carbon fibre side skirts.

These are also included on the masterpiece that is the McLaren P1, but that car starts at a slightly higher $1.15 million - over six times the price of the 600LT.

The final characteristic that aids the 600LT’s aerodynamics is its “shrink-wrapped” bodywork design, which helps the fluidity of the ride as it gently guides the airflow over every panel.

McLaren 600LT Interior 

Due to its track-based focus, the interior is relatively basic in comparison with the high-tech gadgets and displays of today’s cars.

Its basic nature is not necessarily a downfall though, as the controls are perfectly aligned for a free-flowing ride and the steering wheel’s positioning and design provides great comfort whilst on the track and road.

Weight-reducing carbon fibre seats are fitted as the standard – identical to those first seen on the P1 and then the 675LT – saving a significant 46lbs whilst also offering a great driving position and a fully optimal view of the road ahead.

McLaren also offer the popular LT Super-Lightweight CF seats found in the Senna, which reduce an even more impressive 54lbs. It’s more about personal preference with the seats, so be sure to check your options if you are ever going to own or drive a 600LT. 

Another interesting feature of the interior is its use of delicate Alcantara – a microfibre material – throughout the cabin, which once again keeps weight to a minimum for maximum performance.

It honestly is stripped back to the basics. There is no carpet in the footwells or under the seats, and if you really want to reduce weight, you can even remove the air conditioning, audio system, and navigation system.

That, of course, is the car in its most bare form. All features mentioned above can be added as optional additions should you want them.

What is it like to drive the 600LT?

The McLaren 600LT maintains a constant connection with its driver, providing an engaging, thrilling experience while remaining incredibly accurate and precise. You stay in full control of the vehicle without fail and its handling is smooth and well-balanced.

Brilliant on corners, the car offers clear feedback and crisp steering. You will get a rush of energy knowing that you’ll ace the corner, with additional reassurance from the narrow – yet exceedingly grippy – Pirelli Trofeo tyres.

It responds instantaneously so that you are able to correct mistakes easily, as the car adjusts with great clarity.

A natural on the circuit, this is where the 600LT comes to life – accelerating effortlessly whilst remaining in touch with the driver’s commands.

McLaren have succeeded in personifying the identity of the Sports Series through the 600LT, and its balanced and controlled nature does not deter it from offering an enthralling experience to match the best hypercars.

The 600LT (pictured) is currently for sale with InternationalCollectibles, with many special features including the Senna’s lightweight seats and the unusual amethyst paint, giving it an extra unique look.

Our Summary and Verdict 

The McLaren 600LT is a raw representation of the company at its most extreme, existing purely to deliver the most heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping sensation possible from a road-legal car.

At first glance, it will catch your eye – especially with that exceptional top-exit exhaust – but actually driving it is what seems to make its users fall in love with it.

It is a product of brave engineering and intrepid design, sculpted for thrill-seekers to enjoy and for petrol heads to be in awe of.

The 600LT lives up to the expectations put in place by its predecessors, and even offers something different through its brilliant control on the track and its unique design quirks.

The McLaren 600LT preserves – and perhaps even strengthens – the legendary tale of the ‘Longtail’.

[Photo Credit: Freddy Atkins – Instagram account @TFJJ]

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  1. The 600LT is surprisingly better than much more expensive rivals like the Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, etc. The $240K price tag is reasonably fair too. I need to check it out. I really love the car. And awesome review supercarguru!

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  2. I never know the 600lt was that cheap. I thought it would be more expensive than the 675lt. Great review!

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